We support limited companies identify and evaluate tax schemes that are available and what are right for your circumstances and the future direction of your business.

This includes how to structure the organisation, share ownership, the types of shares issued, voting rights, dividend rights and structuring salary and dividend splits – the latter is especially important in light of recent changes to dividend taxation. Our tax planning also extends into owners who are looking to sell, merge or shut down a business and we can recommend the most tax efficient way.

If you work with contractors we can advise on IR35 regulations so you can understand when they apply and what contractors may need to do for compliance and planning for payments to HMRC.

It’s our responsibility to be on top of current tax legislation for income, business or investments and we will ensure you are up to date on what the rules mean for you. In short, it’s how legislation affects what you should be paying and when. We will give you the best advice to utilise your tax payments.

Efficient tax planning can have significant impact on your personal and business finances. It affects cash flow, profitability and can also protect your wider interests and the security of your future wealth.

Our tax team can give you expert advice on tax compliance and planning so you’re thinking ahead to create a strategy that helps minimise the amount of tax you pay. We take the time to fully understand your circumstances and personal or corporate financial ambition. We create a tax strategy following current regulations that’s right for you and doesn’t hinder you achieving your financial goals. Fortune Chartered Accountants will ensure you are abreast of any issues well in advance of the due date so there are no surprises at the end of the tax year.  

Working alongside our accounting and audit teams, our tax advisors can give you expert opinion, clearly explained, on any area of personal or company tax including:

  • Inheritance tax and will planning
  • Property planning
  • Group tax planning and reorganisations
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Trusts and estates
  • Personal pensions
  • Tax-free savings and investments
  • Profit extraction and tax efficient remuneration
  • Maximising tax allowances on capital expenditure
  • Employee share schemes and benefits
  • VAT advice
  • Capital gains tax planning
  • Planning for business sale or succession
  • Company reconstructions and demergers
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