We’ve helped many businesses expand their operations through the acquisition of businesses. You may be considering buying the shares in a company or the underlying business and its assets. By getting our team involved at an early stage we can help identify the best structure for the transaction. Our staff can provide help though the whole process including liaising with HMRC and instructions to legal support.

Fortunes Chartered Accountants can carry out financial due diligence on your behalf giving you valuable insight into the financial and tax affairs of the business giving you the edge for potential negotiations with the vendor.

If the purchase looks viable we can support you with advice on tax indemnity, warranties, employment provisions and pension arrangements for the incumbent workforce. This also extends into tax liabilities and benefits involved in the acquisition.


At some point in the life of the business you may be considering an exit strategy and a forced sale valuation will not deliver the financial benefits you may require or desire. Therefore it makes good sense to plan ahead. You can improve the attractiveness to potential purchasers through good management and our advice can help you get your accounts in shape to ensure you get the best price for the business.

You may wish to realise the value of assets in the business before disposal or need help in; preparing management figures for a potential buyer, contractual provisions, reviewing business strategy or advising how to structure the sale. You will have the peace of mind we have your best interests at heart and our work will be giving you the best chance of making the most from your sale.

If you’re considering succession retirement planning and have someone ready to step into your shoes we can help you develop a strategy and action plan that is beneficial for both parties – providing the right future financial circumstances for the seller and business continuity and longevity for the new owner.

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